Woodcore System

Woodcore panels consist of high-density composite wood core glue to and encased in hot dipped galvanized formed steel sheets. These panels have a class A flame spread rating and provide excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance.


  • NEW Air Seal! Mechanically attached air seal gasket eliminates up to 97% of the panel seam leakage found with standard Woodcore panels.
  • FSC Certified Woodcore & FSC Certified Woodcore with no added formaldehyde is available upon request. Chain-of-Custody Certificate
  • High strength to weight performance.
  • Full range of factory laminated finishes.
  • Class A flame spread rating.
  • Internally grounded.
  • Excellent rolling load performance.
  • Excellent acoustics.
  • ULC Listed to Canadian Safety Standards.


  • General Office
  • General purpose equipment applications such as data centers, telecommunication, and mission critical facilities