Fan Assisted Airflow to Eliminate Hot Spots

Irvine’s PowerAire® fan assist modules are designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual directional airflow panel. The temperature controlled fan units are available in single fan or quad fan models. Both models have multiple control options to automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling. This powerful solution is ideal for solving the toughest hot spots in a data center.

PowerAire® Key Performance Characteristics

  • Zero maintenance
  • Installation can be carried out by IT staff
  • Multiple control options for both models available
  • C – client sensor network
  • S – 1 rack mounted sensor
  • M – 3 rack mounted sensors
  • High Precision, Quick Response Temperature Measurement
  • User programmable set point
  • Viewable Peak Temp for walkthrough check of each rack
  • Infinitely variable fan speed from 0-100% for precise airflow control
  • Available in 100-120V or 200-240V power input options
  • Easily installs into either 24” or 60cm raised floor systems
  • Available in Single fan and Quad fan models

New Products

  • PowerAire® Quad C – Client Controlled Quad-Fan    PDF
  • PowerAire® Quad M – Multi-Sensor Quad-Fan Assist    PDF
  • PowerAire® Quad S – Single-Sensor Quad-Fan Assist    PDF

In-Floor Cooling Systems

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Perforated Panel

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