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Any building owner or developer wants a flexible, energy efficient, low-cost facility that still meets the needs of its employees and tenants. However, conventional wiring and cabling embedded in walls and columns are fundamentally inflexible, making moves/adds/changes expensive, disruptive, and wasteful. Extensive amounts of ductwork and labor intensive installation slow down construction and drive cost up. Hot air rises, yet conventional HVAC distribution is designed to force cool clean air from the ceiling and mix it with the hottest, most pollutant-filled air before getting to the occupants. With conventional construction, hot/cold complaints consistently rank at the top of the list of issues raised by building occupants.

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An Energy Efficient & Flexible Environment

Underfloor Service Distribution eliminates these issues, providing unrivaled flexibility and efficiency. An access floor with modular ‘plug & play’ power wiring, and cabling components provides complete flexibility. As your business needs change, so too can your service distribution system – quickly, easily and cost-effectively! The entire space under the access floor is also used as an air distribution pathway so you can plug modular VAV or passive diffusers in anywhere, and when you make changes in your space, simply adjust air direction or unplug and relocate in minutes! With options available for individual volume and air direction control, underfloor air delivers the ultimate in personal comfort control. Save 20% or more on your HVAC energy costs by using underfloor air. How? Significant fan energy savings, more hours of economizer operation, and reduced outside air option due to better ventilation effectiveness.

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